Teenage Girl Unfairly Accused Of Shoplifting 

On January 1, 2010, a mother and her teenage daughter walked into a local CVS Pharmacy, browsing the collection of items for feminine-care products. While gathering their desired items, a current CVS employee, accused the young daughter of shoplifting and resulted in her alleged retreat to the Women’s restroom facility. The Plaintiff’s story, however, recounts a different set of events, ending in her unjustified, unwilling, physicaldetainment in a CVS Pharmacy Woman’s bathroom stall for three minutes. The young lady’s mother strongly urged remaining employees to call for police. The authorities arrived shortly after. When trying to explain the events to local law enforcement, details regarding the plaintiff being “dragged” into the bathroom and held against her will were absent from the police report. After being given a trespassing warning, the two sought out appropriate counsel in an attempt to sue CVS Pharmacy for the wrongful actions committed by their employee. The mother and daughter (Plaintiff) met with Spencer Aronfeld, of Aronfeld Trial Lawyers—a specialist in child injury cases—to discuss their case. Alongside Aronfeld, they proceeded to sue CVS on the grounds of “False Imprisonment” and “Battery” against the CVS employee (Defendant). When asked about the turn of the events, the plaintiff, explained that she was blamed for actions she did not commit and wrongly labeled a thief, all while telling authorities to check surveillance cameras to unearth the truth about the incident. Allegations she continues to hold firmly.